Advanced in cooking package


If you have already good cooking skills, and would like to go deeper, and if you like French food and would love to know more about our cooking tricks, then the advanced in cookinf course is made for you
The Frogs kitchen perfecting course, will go through, in 8 courses of 3 hours, all French main culinary techniques. We will prepare meals using those techniques that you could enjoy afterwards with your family.

Book this package by selecting the slot for your first course.

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Price per person
Minimum 1 person – maximum 6 people
This price includes the total of 8 courses of 3 hours each (duration according to module)
Possibility to invite a friend for dinner (for an extra 15€ per person and per course), to share with you the meal you would have prepared during the course


Merci de choisir la date et l’heure dans le calendrier ci-dessus.

Advanced cooking package

Enjoy yourself by learning basics of traditionnal french cuisine. At the end of the 8 courses, you will feel confortable in varying ingredients, ways of cooking them, and prepare sauces
Spend a nice cooking time with your friends and family at home, having private cooking classes at home, with a professional chef.
Our chefs are coming to your house or holiday home, with all necessary material and ingredients, so you can enjoy the moment without taking care of anything else.

Frogs Kitchen's choice

Our passionate chefs of French cuisine will share all their tips and tricks with you during a friendly and gourmet cooking class.

Courses Schedule

Don't hesitate, and invite friends or family to dinner to enjoy your creations with you, for only 15 euros extra per person per course.
Book the slot for your first online course. After your booking, you will receive our confirmation e-mail and one of our chef will call you to confirm your reservation within 48h of your booking. He will check with you what materials you have at your location and what may need to be brought. He will also explain any additional information around the course. The dates of the following courses will be set together during the first course.

The courses:

Module 1

New style leeks in vinaigrette sauce / Brown veal stew “Marengo style”, with glazed seasonal vegetables
You'll learn:

≽ Cooking a Leek
≽ Make a salt tile
≽ Roast sunflower seeds
≽ Cook a brown stew, glaze small onions
≽ Glaze vegetables

Module 2

White chicken stock / Veal blanquette stew, sautéed potatoes

You'll learn:

≽ Make a bouquet garni
≽ Make a white veal stock
≽ Make a white chicken stock
≽ Make a white stew
≽ Cook sautéed potatoes

Module 3

Brown veal stock / salmon fillet cooked unilaterally on one side, beurre blanc fish sauce, french hash brown potatoes

You'll learn:
≽Make a brown veal stock
≽Cook a fish unilaterally
≽Elaborate a white butter fish sauce
≽make french hash brown (pommes Darphin)

Module 4

Vegetables cream with garlic emulsion / Loin of lamb with seasonal vegetables

You'll learn:
≽ Make a vegetable soup
≽Elaborate a garlic emulsion
≽Cook a full loin of lamb
≽Make lamb sauce
≽Cook small vegetables

Module 5

Poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce / Plaice fillet, white wine sauce

You'll learn:
≽ Poach an egg
≽Make a hot emulsion sauce (Hollandaise sauce)
≽Fillet a fish
≽ Cook fish filets with “court mouillement” method
≽ Make a fish fumet
≽Make a white wine fish sauce

Module 6

Quiche Loraine or leek quiche / Octopus marinated in olive oil and smoked paprika, smoked paprika tiles, Jerusalem artichoke purée

You'll learn:
≽Make a quiche dough
≽ Make a quiche cream
≽ Steam leeks / blanch bacon
≽ Cook and snack an octopus
≽ Make a instant marinade
≽ Elaborate salted tiles "dentelles style"
≽ Make a vegetables purée with chicken stock base

Module 7

Salmon gravlax with avocado cream / pan-fried beef steak with Béarnaise sauce, carrots purée with ginger

You'll learn:
≽Make a fish gravlax
≽Make avocado cream
≽ Pan fry a beef steak
≽ Cook carrot purée using white chicken stock
≽Make a French Béarnaise sauce (hot emulsion)

Module 8

Cheese soufflé / Scallops with vegetable purée, coral emulsion, and sepia ink tiles

You'll learn:
≽Elaborate a cheese soufflé
≽ Shell fresh scallops
≽ Cook scallops sautéed
≽ Make make sepia ink salted tiles
≽ Cook a coral emulsion


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