French pastry for beginners package


Frogs Kitchen French pastries for beginners package is dedicated to anyone who like desserts, and to beginners in pastry making.
Frogs kitchen offers a package of 2 pastry classes, 3 hours each, during which you will learn relatively easy to make pastry techniques, where you will learn a few French pastry recipes.

You will learn to make :

– Floating islands
– Chantilly cream puffs
– Chouquettes
– Lemon pie with French meringue
– Dark chocolate ganache

Book this package and the slot for your first course.

1pers.2 pers.3 pers.4 pers.+ 4 pers.


Price per person
Minimum 1 person – maximum 6 people
This price includes the total of 2 courses of 3 hours each (approximate duration)


Merci de choisir la date et l’heure dans le calendrier ci-dessus.

French pastry for beginners

If you have a sweet tooth, and enjoy pastries, it’s time for you to start learning how to make them.
Our beginner packages comprises of 2 courses which are 3 hours in length, where you will learn a few tradtional French recipes.

Frogs Kitchen's choice

Spend a nice cooking time with your friends and family at home, having private cooking classes at home, in Orléans area, with a professional chef.
Our chefs come to your place, with all the necessary equipment and ingredients, so that you have a good time of cooking without having to worry about anything.
Our passionate chefs of French cuisine will share all their tips and tricks with you during a friendly and gourmet cooking class.

Organising courses

Book the slot for your first online course. After your booking, you will receive our confirmation e-mail and one of our chef will call you to confirm your reservation within 48h of your booking. He will check with you what materials you have at your location and what may need to be brought. He will also explain any additional information around the course. The second next courses schedule will be set together during the first course.

All 2 courses must be completed within 3 months of the booking date.

The courses:

Module 1

Floating island with caramel and crème anglaise / Chantilly cream puffs / Chouquettes

You'll learn:

≽ Whisk the eggs whites
≽ Cook them in a water bath
≽ Make a typical crème anglaise
≽ Make a puff pastry dough
≽ Whisk a Chantilly cream
≽ Elaborate Chouquettes

Module 2

Lemon pie with French meringue / dark chocolate Ganache

You'll learn:

≽ Make a sweet dough for french pies
≽ Line the dough in the pie plate
≽ Make a lemon curd
≽ Make a French meringue
≽ Make a dark chocolate ganache



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