Stocks and sauces


Frogs kitchen offers a course dedicated to stocks and sauce making.
You will learn in a single course to make stocks (that are the bases of most of the French sauces), and a few sauces themselves. If you want to impress your guests by amazing sauces, like in French restaurants, this course is made for you.

You will learn to make :

– Chicken stock
– Brown veal stock
– Veal sauce
– Fish stock
– White wine fish sauce

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Price per person
3 hours course – Minimum 1 person, maximum 6 persons

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Stocks and sauces

if you love cooking and french food and would like to go deeper in your knowledge, this is a course for you. Maybe you already use jelly or powder veal or chicken stock, and you would like to learn how to make them yourself, without additives salt and chemicals? Then, you should go for this course on french stocks and sauces.

Details of the course :

During this stocks and sauces course, you will learn to make a white chicken stock, mainly used to cook vegetables, soups or purées, to give them taste. You will also learn how to cook a brown veal stock. Brown veal stock is used in French cuisine as basis of a lot of meat sauces. It can either be used for veal or lamb sauce, as base, but also for other typical French sauces, like Bordelaise, chasseur, Duroc sauce, sweat & sour sauces, or other classical sauces from French cuisines.
As far as fish is concerned, you will make a fish fumet from fish bones and heads. And from this fumet, we will cook a traditional white wine sauce, adding white wine and cream to it.
If you want to become the superstar of French sauces and impress your guests, adding on to your dishes a tasty and gourmet sauce, this course is made for you!

Frogs Kitchen's choice

Treat yourself and bring a chef to your home for a cooking class in the metropolitan area of Orleans, and spend a friendly moment of cooking with your friends or family. Our chefs are coming to your house or holiday home, with all necessary material and ingredients, so you can enjoy the moment without taking care of anything else.
Our passionate chefs of French pastry will share all their tips and tricks with you during a friendly and gourmet cooking class.

Course organization :

After your booking, you will receive our confirmation e-mail and one of our chef will call you to confirm your reservation within 48h of your booking. He will check with you what materials you have at your location and what may need to be brought. He will also explain any additional information around the course.



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