World cuisine


World cuisine cooking class

If you like travelling,
with Frogs Kitchen World cuisines cooking course, we will travel to Peru and Spain, to discover 2 main dishes from their own cuisines.
This summer we offer :

-Sea bass ceviche in lime and coconut milk, avocado and ginger
– Spanish Gallega octopus, new style

1 pers.2 pers.3 pers.4 pers.5 & more

Price per person
2 hours 30 minutes course – Minimum 1 person, maximum 6 persons
Possibility to invite a friend for dinner (for an extra 15€ per person), to share with you the meal you would have prepared during the course

Merci de choisir la date et l’heure dans le calendrier ci-dessus.

World cuisine cooking class

If you are a travel lover, and love discovering local food when you go abroad, and if you like to add international ingredients in your own cuisine to spice it up and amaze your guests by new flavors, then, our World Cuisine cooking course is made for you.
Our chef Aurélie had travelled a lot around the world and offers you her best recipes. She will take you to Spain and Peru, for 2 very typical dishes. This summer she will take you on a trip to Spain and Peru.

Details of the course :

In Peru, Ceviche is one of the most traditional dish. It’s based of raw fish marinated in lemon, served with sweat potatoe and corn. We will cook our own recipe of ceviche, adding coconut milk and lime to the recipe, and a lot of new ingredients that come perfectly together with ceviche.
The main dish will take us to Spain, to discover the traditional “Pulpo a la Gallega”, typical dish from Galicia. You can nowadays eat Pulpo a la Gallega in all tapas bars of Spain In Frogs Kitchen, we will take the basic ingredients from this traditional recipe, Octopus, Smoked paprika (pimentón) and potatoes, and cook them in a different way, changing textures, using different kind of potatoes, making smoked paprika tiles… You will be amazed by this very tasty and greedy meal.

Frogs Kitchen's choice

Enjoy yourself and call a professional chef to come home for a French cooking course in Orléans and surroundings Spend a nice cooking time with your friends and family at home, having private cooking classes at home, with a professional chef. Our chefs are coming to your house or holiday home, with all necessary material and ingredients, so you can enjoy the moment without taking care of anything else.
Our passionate chefs of French pastry will share all their tips and tricks with you during a friendly and gourmet cooking class.

Course schedule

You can invite friends and family to join you for dinner, to taste together the meal you would have prepared, for an extra 15€ per person. After your booking, you will receive our confirmation e-mail and one of our chef will call you to confirm your reservation within 48h of your booking. He will check with you what materials you have at your location and what may need to be brought. He will also explain any additional information around the course.


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