Our top chef cooking contest is a stimulating experience that develops creativity, team spirit, and the capacity for your team to work together toward the same goal

Each participant is part of the kitchen (brigade). Their target is to finish each dish within a particular time. No matter the level and your cooking experience, each group will be evenly paired.

Our top chef contest emphasizes team collaboration, communication, comradery as the group works toward the end goal.
Our top chef appetizer contests will finish with a team eating around the preparation tables. (While the Top Chef pastries contest will finish the same way, but with a jury decision only, without eating)

At the end of the contest, each dessert, or finger food will be tested by the jury, who will decide the winning team. Their decision will be based on team work through the process, taste and presentation.

Once the winner has been announced, teams will then get to share their creations and a lovely moment together.

Length : Each top chef contest will last between 2h to 3 hours, depending on the experience chosen


World Cuisine

Top chef cooking contest

1h45 cooking – 3h in total
This experience involves diversity and gets your team cooking food with ingredients from different cultures and countries.

Cocktail folies

Cooking class within the company

1h45 cooking – 3h in total
In this experience, the team will incorporate a few compulsory ingredients along with some surprise ones. They will cook 4 to 5 finger food creations, per team, within a certain time.

Pastry contest

1h10 of cooking / 1h30 in total
This is a one dessert per team contest using a large variety of ingredients, on a topic chosen by the company.

Crazy Pastries

Convention and team building orléans

1h45 of cooking / 3h total.
In this experience, your team will work with a certain amount of ingredients, to make 3 pastries, that they get to share together at the end.

A la carte

If you have less time, or have other ideas, contact us directly for a personalized offer.



10 AM or 6PM : – Arrival of your teams and welcoming with hot drink. Team designation.

10:15 AM or 6:15 PM: – All ingredients, materials, aprons, and cooking hats will be ready on the tables

10:20 AM or 6:20PM : – Go!
You have 1 hour 40 minutes to complete your recipes with your team along with the help from our chef

12:00 or 8PM : – Contest ends, everyone stops cooking
Now It’s time for the jury to evaluate and decide who the winner is. During that time you also get to share your food creations.

1.30PM or 9.30 PM: – End of the event